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nourishment + ritual + soul support
to hold mothers through
seasons of transformation

What is Mothercare?

What is Mothercare?

Care that nourishes the maternal body,

honors the wisdom of the wild soul,

and invites mothers to tend the fire

of their personal + collective transformation

While I co-create personalized plans of care with each 1:1 client and design unique

Community Circle experiences, the core elements of the care I offer are:


Community Tending

Together, we'll weave or strengthen your web of support so you feel more held and sustained in your daily life, long after this period of attentive care.


Nourishing Food

Choose from my seasonal menu of nutrient-dense, easy-to-digest meals, snacks, and beverages – or hand over your recipe book! I prepare your selections in your kitchen space, then take care of storage and cleanup. 


As you identify areas where you desire additional support, I can connect you with resources and make personalized recommendations that align with your priorities.

Rest + Practical Support

I cook, offer newborn care, and do dishes/laundry/light cleaning tasks so you can rest deeply or otherwise tend the fire of your transformation.

Spiritual Care

I witness your transformation with reverence, trusting the sacred process unfolding within you and creating spaces to notice, honor, and integrate your emerging wisdom. (1).png

Restorative Body Care

Support your healing, wellbeing, and rest with nurturing, body-warming practices. Select from a menu of options, and I facilitate these practices in your home.

Held's Vision

The in-home sessions and collective circles offered by Held Mothercare flow from my devotion to thriving Life. I believe we are all designed to thrive and deserve to thrive – not just mothers, not just mothers who can afford Held's services, but the full spectrum of wonderfully diverse human and more-than-human Life on this planet.


I choose to work with mothers because I have traveled the transformative journey into motherhood myself, know how to support the restoration of the landscape of the maternal body, and because I know that mothers are inherently world-builders. Thriving mothers who live from their center form the foundation for healthy families, intact communities, and a vibrant world ecosystem. I trust in the transformational power of the dreams and creative energies that flow from mothers when they are nourished, honored, and connected to their authentic selves. I trust they will help lead us all to thriving.


In addition to my direct work with mothers, I seek to educate individuals, families, and communities such that they move to value and center the needs of the mothers and caregivers in their lives. Together, we can create a Life-giving culture where we can collectively heal, flourish, and thrive in balance with all of Life – clearing a path for future generations to do the same.



IMPORTANT NOTE: I am expecting my third child in September 2024 and will be pausing postpartum care work from mid-August 2024 until spring/summer 2025 to center time at home with our family.

Courses + Community Circles

1:1 Services

Booking + Contact

Booking Inquiries + Contact

I look forward to connecting with you to book services, answer your questions, and collaborate to support mothers and caregivers. Please fill out the form below, and I'll be in touch in 48-72 hours.

I live a cyclical life as a mother and business owner, typically checking email on Monday + Thursday.


Thanks for your message!





9:00 am – 2:00 pm

9:00 am – 2:00 pm

By appointment

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